about Linda Macaulay

Linda A Macaulay
Professor of System Design / Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester, Booth Street East, M15 6PB

Research Projects and Funding

Evaluation of a methodology for Human Factors based Product Requirements Specifications

Duration:3 years (1987-1990)
Funding body:NAB Research Initiative
Project effort:3 person years
Grant value:60,000
Status:Principal investigator (upto end 1988)
The aim of this project was to develop a technique for testing whether products really were more useful as a result of applying the User Skills Task Match methodology. A series of studies were undertaken with products that resulted from non-USTM specifications, the problems found were then matched to the Human factors embodied in USTM. This result was a technique called SURVE developed by Mark Kirby. After the project concluded Mark developed the technique further through a series of longitudinal studies.

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