about Linda Macaulay

Linda A Macaulay
Professor of System Design / Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester, Booth Street East, M15 6PB

Research Projects and Funding

Human Factors in the Design of Electronic Service Delivery Systems for Use in Complex Environments

Duration:3 years (1998 2001)
Funding body:EPSRC
Project effort:3 person years
Grant value:136,094
Status:Co-Principal investigator
Industrial collaboration:Module Communication Group, Manchester Evening News, British Airways, BT
Co-investigator:Professor Peter McGoldrick (Manchester School of Management)
The aim of this project was to collect empirical data about the use and acceptance of electronic service delivery systems such as kiosk systems and webTV. The systems studied were either home based or shared access public systems. The information gathered about the acceptance and use of such systems will be used to inform the design of future systems and to develop a model for predicting user behaviour in complex environments.

Manchester Business School | email: info@lindamacaulay.com