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Linda A Macaulay
Professor of System Design / Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester, Booth Street East, M15 6PB


Writing my memoir; Hello Computer: The heartfelt story of a woman in tech

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e-Skills UK Event, BT Tower, London


An opportunity to meet prospective employers of graduates from the new B.Sc IT Management for Business degree. Current students competed for group prizes and academics exchanged notes on curriculum design. The event was hosted by BT and Bob Clift and colleagues from e-Skills UK  at the BT Tower. An amazing view of London from the restaurant at the top of the tower.

Education for the 21st Century IBM Palisades New York


Paper presented at a conference organised by IBM to encourage academics to take a lead in developing services oriented taught programmes. Paul Horn, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research has suggested that a new academic discipline of Services Science is needed in order to develop the skills required for a services-led economy.

Accenture student prize for 'my business idea'


First year students compete for the Accenture Prize for business propositions. The judges were Maddie Smith, University of Manchester Careers Service and Brian Hatton of Accenture. The picture shows one of the winners Vernon Kerswell receiving his prize

Services Science keynote at IBM Portugal, Lisbon


Invited keynote paper given at a conference hosted by IBM.

Leadership programme at Manchester


Linda with colleagues on the 2005-2006 Headstart Programme led by Dr. Stephanie Marshall of the Leadership Foundation (centre right, white jacket). A year long programme of seminars, self assessments and action learning sets, an excellent experience leading to most helpful peer networks.

Launch of New Degree Programme B.Sc IT Management for Business (ITMB)

Professor Macaulay is the Programme Director for the new ITMB degree being offered by Manchester Business School from September 2007. The undergraduate degree is sponsored by e-Skills UK and was designed in collaboration with business partners. The Manchester degree has a strong emphasis on global team working, supported by a state of the art electronic meeting room. Students will learn how to apply IT to business problems and how to manage global IT teams and IT projects.


Outstanding score for Industry relevance of research


The LINK scheme project Human Issues in Privacy and Security in e-Commerce (HiSPEC) was scored an exceptional 9 out of 10 by UK Department of Trade (DTI) and Industry assessors. The project was funded by ESRC, the DTI and the Co-operative Bank. Partners shown on the photograph are from the Co-operative Bank, the Office of the Information Commissioner, Cooksons.com, Homes for Change and Yellowbricks; together with Professor Peter McGoldrick, Dr Kathy Keeling and Professor Linda Macaulay from the University of Manchester and the DTI Monitoring Officer. 

See www.hispec.org.uk for further details.

Student report on Citigroup Prize for group presentation


The Future of ICT - Organization and Description of the Event
Written by David Williams, Mohammed Nizam
Informatics undergraduate students 

See www.informatics.manchester.ac.uk/aboutus/news/ictfuture/ for further details.

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